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Welcome to our online store at Lollyworld NZ.
We first entered the world of sweets in 2021 when we realized that the whole world needs some sweetness in their lives to get over with Covid-19 stress. In search of a fun business during covid lockdown while juggling a growing young family, husband & wife team, Nav and Jas, combined their love of all things sweet with a nerdish obsession for website design to create Lollyworld NZ.
Lollyworld NZ offers the finest imported candies and the best lollies New Zealand has to offer. We Source our products from Countries like Spain, Turkey, America and New Zealand as well. 
At Lollyworld NZ, our aim is to make our customers happy by providing the sweetest service we have to offer. This is why we stock a range of confectionery to suit each and every individual. We offer a vast range of well over 150 sweets to choose from and pick your own mix too. We always wanted to ensure you that our lollies had an awesome flavour, texture and quality. If you are after a particular sweet which is not available on our website, we would be glad to check and get them for you.
Our lollies are uniquely packaged in heat sealed bags and resealable stand up pouches to store the freshness of the products delivered to your door.
You can see me pack your orders on TikTok @lollyworldnz or chat with us on Instagram @lollyworld_nz or Facebook @lollyworldnz.
So come inside our website and browse our delicious delights, while we provide you with our top class service. 
Happy clicking!
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