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Blue Raspberry Melon Bubblegums

Blue Raspberry Melon Bubblegums

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Another member of the Melon Bubblegum family - these blue raspberry gums also have the sherbet centre.

Bubble Gum*. Ingredients:

sugar, lucose syrup, gum base, extrose, humectant: glycerol, sorbitols, emulsifier: soya lecithine, sunflower lecithin, nickening agent: arabic gum; modified potato starch, olive oil, glazing agent: shellac, beeswax, carnauba wax; vegetable ols (palm, coconut, rapeseed), concentrate vegetable: lemon, safflower, carrot, blackcurrant, radish, pumpkin, apple, tomato, sweet potato, cherry, spirulina, hibiscus ; flavourings. 

Nutritional information 

Colorantes/Corantes/Colours/Coloranti/Colorants: E133.

(E)Información Nutriclonal/ (P)Informação Nutriclonal/ (1) Informazioni

Nutrizionali/ (GB)Nutrition Information/ (Finformation Nutritionnelle


Valor energetico/ Energia/ Energia'" ne gy/Energie

1440k J/39kcal

Grasas / Lipidos/ Grassi/ Fat/ Maue sa grasses:

de las cuales/dos quale/di qui/of which/dont:

0,9 g

- saturadas/ acidos gordos saturados/

acidi grassi saturi/ saturates/ acides gras saturés

0,7 g

Hidratos de carbono/ Hidratos de carbono/ Carboidrati / Glucides/ Carbohydrate:

83 g

de los cuales/dos quais/di qui/of which/dont:

- azúcares/ agáicares/ zuccheri/ sugres/ sugar

73 g

Proteínas/ Proteínas/ Proteine/ Protéines/ Protein


Sal/ Sal/ Sale/Sel/ Salt

0,04 g



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